Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Digital Marketing : HOW YOU CAN STILL WIN THE RACE ?
Digital marketing has seen a significant surge in the recent years. Unlike the old days, it is no longer wise to avoid the scope of internet marketing. Various famous brands who had ruled out internet marketing are today spending a fortune to secure a position in the online platform.

What alternatives do you have to boost your business on the internet 

What alternatives do you have to boost your business on the internet
In this increasingly competitive backdrop, how do you effectively market your product to the right audience?

Apart from the costly SEOs, what other alternatives do you have to boost your business on the internet? To answer that, we might have to take a better look at marketing as a whole.

The primary aim of all marketing techniques is to garner attention. 

This is because attention of your customers is a wonderful thing to have – it doesn’t usually matter how you gain it as long as you know to manipulate it to create a good impression in their minds. As much as attention is important, it equally matters whose attention you are seeking.

When it comes to effective marketing, target audiences do matter.

Factors like affordability of the customers play an important role in determining whether it is beneficial for you to spend your resources to reach out to pools of specific pools of customers who are unlikely to convert. Choosing where to market is as important as choosing the right means to market. This is exactly where the magic of SEO lies, as it markets you right in front of the needy customers.
Your chances of converting visitors to customers are high when you get introduced to people who have been looking up for the services you offer. But as every rose has it thorns, SEO happens to be time consuming and quite expensive for a majority of us to afford and employ.

So, are there any alternatives that are equally effective but less expensive?

Fortunately, we do have other options that enable us to spot the needy customers and attract their traffic. This can be done through search based ads, content sensitive ads, facebook ads, etc, and can be of equal help as SEO, if you know how to use them. To begin with, going creative on Facebook and winning hearts with likes is one way to impress your potential customers and to win them on your side. This has far reaching advantages, as once you have their approval, your customers will start reaching out to you on your fb pages, email ids, phones, chat windows, etc to make enquiries.
This digital communication is practically akin to that happens in the real space, and often results in purchases. Facebook can be a major catalyst to your success story this way. But again, no path to success comes free of hurdles. Digital advertising alone cannot get you to the top. Imagine that you open up a flower shop, which is inaugurated by Angelina Jolie. The hype and publicity following this might drive in innumerable customers whose attention you have captured. But suppose that you take it for granted and do not focus on anything else. As what people ultimately want is quality, would the initial publicity really be of help later? The same applies to the digital world.

Your advertising might have won their attention, but that does not mean success is for granted.

Factors like an ill-managed website would disappoint the customers who follow the leads, and you might be losing customers whom you could have actually had if due care was taken.The point is, when you spend a lot on advertising, try to make it worth it. Also, there is an important question which many might forget to ask themselves at this stage – how do I measure the effective is the marketing strategy chosen? read more... visit:

Thursday, 2 June 2016

5 Web Design Tips For Internet Marketers – How to Sell More with Less Traffic

Make Visitors Stay longer in the website

Prospects walk into sales offices every day. The more number of potential customers, higher the chances of selling. The limitations of space limit the number of prospects you can entertain every day, in a virtual office such as a website. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Businesses who do online marketing attract thousands of visitors into their websites and convert many of them into customers.At the end of the day, the money you spend to do each sale will affect your bottomline. The internet makes it possible to decrease your marketing expenses while increasing the sales. Isn’t that wonderful?

2.Engaging the Prospects Online

Just like a smart sales person engages the prospect in any shop personally, your website needs to engage surfers browsing through your website. The time they spend in your website is an indicator of how well the website is engaging with the prospects. 

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the measure of the number of people who leave your website before the first page gets loaded. It is the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave without continuing to view other pages within the same site. Bounce rates helps in finding out the effectiveness or performance of an entry page on generating interest to visitors in adhering to the site. Lesser bounce rate denotes better website, which can make visitors to cling on to the site. Factors affecting bounce rate are :

3.How well does your website listen to the visitors ?


We humans like to talk to people who are worthy of our attention. If a person talks about himself always, we are put off. Does he like to listen to you ?
Websites are never as good as humans in empathizing with customer’s requirement. Your website needs to learn from your sales people to do that. The more the website knows about the customer, better engaging it becomes.
Customers are looking for something that meets their requirements and at the same time within their own spending capacity. Make it easy for him to make that decision with least effort.
Answer the frequently asked questions without even being asked. Simplify the product offering using images videos and only limited text. Make it entertaining. Connect emotionally with the customer, help him to solve the problem the customer is trying to solve with your help.
If properly implemented, your website can sell better than your best sales person. Even your best sales person gets tired at the end of the day. The website doesn’t !

How intuitive is your user experience ?

The user experience of a site plays a vital role in sales. Make sure key elements of the website are catchy. Spend attention to positioning of images, buttons and text to make sure that they convey their purpose clearly.

Be Context Sensitive

When a user is visiting a particular page, try to give glimpses of the information he is likely to think of in the same page. Do not bury that information deep within menus.
Proper use of anchor texts, improves readability. The anchor texts are the clickable text in hyperlink which enables.... read more....